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March 28, 2012

Are we taking things too far?

Yesterday, when I picked up the Oldest Kidlet from school, he started begging me to bring Easter Eggs for their class egg-hunt “tomorrow” (or, today). As I was panicking about trying to figure out how to get the boys in and out of Target in a timely manner in the afternoon, I realized that I hadn’t heard anything about the egg hunt yet. Looking in his backpack, I found a slip announcing that it was this Friday.


On the slip, it asked for parents to bring “pre-packaged Easter Eggs” in unopened bags. Or an unopened bag of candy and unopened Easter Egg packages that a parent volunteer will fill. Which reminded me of the note for the Valentine’s Day party that asked for store-bought cookies or snack-size packages of snacks.

I understand that they’re trying to make sure that these things are safe for kids… but isn’t this taking it too far? I was annoyed during the Valentine’s Day party because my son came home with all sorts of preservative filled treats that I wouldn’t feed him normally (in addition to the candy from his valentines that I was expecting). He had been so full of candy that he didn’t touch the food provided at the party, and brought it home with him- Cheez-its, a Capri Sun and granola bars that were made with HFCS. I’m not a health nut. I don’t ban my kids from having sweets or chips, since I love those things, too. I just try to balance things out. They get the chips with some healthy food. Or actual fruit juice instead of sugar water.

I understand the why. They wanted the convenience of individual packages and knowledge that these snacks were “safe,” but traded off any sort of nutrition for that. I couldn’t even supply actual fruit unless they were in convenience packs.

Is it so hard to ask that the Easter Eggs be filled with PACKAGES of easter candy? Why must I buy prefilled ones?

Sorry, I just miss the days when a class birthday party meant that occasionally you’d get sloppily frosted cupcakes made by a kids’ mom. (We’re asked not to bring in treats at his school for birthdays)

The preschool at the private school has sign up lists. Parents can bring in a jug of real fruit juice. There’s always a request for a fruit or vegetable. Something that makes me feel like there’s an attempt to have the parties be nutritious too.

Part of my annoyance is the nutrition factor. I guess the other is that I feel as though I’m being forced into a square peg. Two issues that really get under my skin.

Am I over-reacting, or is the school overreacting? Let me know in the comments!

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