Megamillions… what would you do?

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Okay, maybe the jackpot isn't this high...

So the MegaMillions jackpot is up to a bazillion dollars. Okay, not that high. But it is, it’s a lot of money. I think I saw something that said that even after taxes if you take the lump sum, it’s still $250 million.

We bought a ticket.

Yesterday, a friend (Ry) tweeted that at his work everyone was figuring out what they do with all the money. I answered plainly. I’d hire a nanny so that I could write and finally finish my novels and projects. Sounds simple, but I’m driven to write. It’d make me happy.

I’d buy a smallish house, something that we’d have to fix up- big enough that the boys would each have their own room and have a guest room/office to write out of. I’d set aside money for my children’s college (to get their bachelor’s) and set up funds for them so that they’d have a head start when looking for a house. But still have to find their own way. Isn’t the journey what defines us?

I’d probably invest in my friend’s business ventures to help them find their dreams and put the rest into foundations to help other kids get to college. That’s my thought.

That much money seems terrifying to me. What a giant responsibility.

But I still have a ticket.

So… for the other hopefuls out there, what would you do? You don’t have to be responsible like me. I’d just love to hear how you’d handle a jackpot like that.

  • Carolyn Fodel

    Wouldn’t it have been wonderful?!  Even though I didn’t win either, I had the same thoughts.  I’d tithe to my church.  I have a friend going through stage 4 cancer, I’d love to be able to pay her family’s expenses for a year to take that off of her.  I have kids that I sponsor through Compassion International, I’d donate to make those sponsorships permanent (you can pay a lump sum and then it exists forever, kind of an annuity).  I’d buy a new house, new cars for both of us.  My kid’s college funds would be fully funded.   I’d have a housekeeper, and beef up my lawn service.   I’d probably give $1 mil each to my parents, my brother, my SIL, and my MIL.  Nope, haven’t thought about it at all.  🙂