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April 5, 2012

Spring Break is a lie.

I’ve come to realize that Spring Break is a lie.

Oh sure, I had Spring Break as a kid. I even went on Spring Break vacations in college.

But now, I can say that as a mother… there is no such thing as Spring Break. At least the break part of it.

The preschool and kindergarten have different weeks for Spring Break. So this week, I’ve been driving the Little Kidlet to preschool and catering to nearly every whim of the boy with the broken arm. Then, I have both the boys trying to get each other to play different games.

The Oldest Kidlet just wants to draw. Mostly, that’s all he can do- at least outside. Our driveway gets filled with more and more chalk drawings each day (tomorrow I’m going to wash the driveway so he can start fresh). But the Little Kidlet doesn’t care much for drawing. He’s a boy of action who likes to dig in the dirt- which normally his brother would do, but he’s under strict orders to keep the cast clean. (A knee high sock of mine covers the cast so that he can use the sidewalk chalk)

Then inside, I get to referee the battle for the television. A battle, which only stops for snacks and potty breaks.

And don’t get me started on the potty training. We’ve had a number of good days, and today just wasn’t one of them. LK had no intention of going beyond the one time he had- and indeed, peed on the floor literally five seconds after I asked him if he had to go and he said “No, thanks.”

Tomorrow I was excited about LK not having any school, but then I realized I’d still need to take the boys with me to go grocery shopping so that I have the food for Easter dinner. Fun times.

The only reason I even got to sit down today (and to finish up Easter basket shopping) was because my mother-in-law was home this afternoon.

Spring Break is a lie.

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