Ah, the innocence of youth.

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A couple nights ago, we were watching The Muppets (one of their favorite movies now, I’m pleased to say) and the Little Kidlet ran off to grab a deck of cards from a drawer. The boys don’t play card games yet, but they do like throwing them around.

In this case, the Little Kidlet started to throw them in the air. “It’s snowing!” After a few times, it turned into, “I’m making it snow..”

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this, right?

All of a sudden it turned into “I’m making it rain!”

TheBoy looked at me.

“I swear. I did not teach him that.”

He just smiled and looked back at my son. “You’re making it rain up in here?”

Then he and I started laughing, and my son went back to making a mess, completely oblivious.

  • Jillian Hanes

    LOL… Love Jimmy

  • My son used a Christmas gift card from JCP to buy a shirt with Mr Monopoly “Making it Rain.” It didn’t occur to me until later what some might think about it. It looked like this one: 

  • Okay, I love that shirt.  But I see what you mean.  It’s easy to look at the Monopoly man and forget the whole meaning.

  • I have been wanting to see The Muppet movie for weeks, and this makes me want to see even more. I hope it’s still available On Demand! 

  • Well, I should say that I don’t remember any “making it rain” gags.  But it is a SOLID solid movie, that’s just as slyly subversive as the other Muppet movies are.

    Thanks for commenting!