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May 8, 2012

A little logic, please?

It’s been a slow week here. I’ve had a lot to do, but there hasn’t been much that’s fun to talk about.

But Monday… oh Monday was different.

I don’t like driving to the Little Kidlet’s school. It’s in a very nice neighborhood, and for all the nice homes, there are some of the worst drivers there I’ve ever seen. Half the people who live there don’t seem to understand how four-way stops work. I’ve seen people blow through a four-way stop after the car ahead of them had their turn. I’ve seen people stop for a beat and go whether or not it was their turn. No, not all of them were on phones.

Today took the cake.

After sitting in traffic, I pulled off at the exit and started on my way, looking at a long line of cars coming from the opposite direction. Nothing new, especially with the freeway backed up in both directions. I drove on, and slowed as I realized I saw smoke and sparking on their side of the street.

I was driving under a live downed wire. The power line went across the street, swooping from a tall power pole to a lower one. The lane I was in was closest to the tall power line, and my van had no problems clearing it. I drove up a little bit, pulled over to the side and called 911 to report the downed line. And watched, in complete shock as people actually drove over the power line in order to get to their freeway on ramp.

Talk about literally watching people play roulette with their lives. If that line managed to jump at all and make contact with anything other than the tires on the car… yikes.

Once the dispatcher said they were sending the fire department, I went on my way. There’s a fire department just up the street from the Little Kidlet’s school. They’d be there in three minutes at the most.

And indeed, as we were driving up the winding road to his school, the fire engine and paramedic truck flew by us.

I’m not sure that there’s much of a lesson in this other than the obvious. If you see a downed powerline, do not go near it. Had I noticed it, I would have made an illegal u-turn and gone the long way to the school (after reporting it). It’s just not worth it.

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