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May 24, 2012

We watch a lot of NCIS.

Thanks to everyone who’s responded to yesterday’s post both publicly and privately. The whole point I shared this is because it’s a problem that a lot of women face. And some men, too (it is true that some women will objectify men – see: this Tumblr thread in response to a GQ post about D’Angelo being objectified). Just glad that this subject seems to be getting a lot of discussion.

Anyhow, we watch a lot of NCIS. I am acutely aware of this since I have not just one, but two, NCIS related stories to share.

Story the First began on the car ride home from preschool. I noticed that it was still overcast, and said to the Little Kidlet, “Looks like the Marine layer hasn’t burned off yet.” We came in and LK went to see his grandmother. That’s when I heard him say, “The Marine hasn’t burped yet.” My mother in law, completely unphased walks through.

“What episode of NCIS was that from?”

Story the Second began this afternoon. We were discussing an episode that was on and that I’d seen the beginning of a few times in the last month. “I don’t know how it ends,” I whined to TheBoy.

He looked at me. “With a black and white shot,” he quipped. Clever boy, no?

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