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July 25, 2012

Play nice, Geeks!

At this rate, I’m never going to blog about my vacation.

It would seem that the new thing to do to get some page views is to suggest that most attractive female geeks are posers. Sometimes it’s just done by drunken idiots (like the guy who tweeted about Felicia Day being a fake geek without actually knowing anything about her- it didn’t quite end well). But most of the time it’s done by people trying to protect the geek community (and yes, by both men and women).

FACT: it’s impossible to look at anyone and know whether or not they’re actually geeks.

Remember how geeks used to try to hide it in order to be popular? Guess what? Now that geek is chic, other people are going to try to fake being geeks. And all you can do is just try to get to know people and hope for the best. You know why? I don’t think any of the people faking it are doing it to be malicious. Most of them just want somewhere to belong. The ones who are just doing it for the attention will move on, they usually do. Some might realize that we were interesting all along and become geeks themselves.

My husband and I are both geeks. In totally different fields of geekdom. But nobody ever questions whether or not he’s read a Green Lantern comic book if he’s wearing the t-shirt.

Think about that, will you?

ETA: This isn’t addressing booth babes, which I think is a lame PR tactic. Don’t blame the poor girls who showed up for a job. If you’re upset about it, blame the PR people who hired them- either way, it has nothing to do with people co-opting geek.

I’ve seen plenty of geeks upset about this “co-opting” as though their interests are something to protect. Guess what? ANYONE can enjoy a comic book, video game, sci-fi/fantasy book or series. And they are. If you’re so insecure about other people enjoying these things, perhaps the problem isn’t them… it’s you.

ETA2: Reading the author’s rebuttal to his CNN piece and the Achievement: Internet Kerfluffle he unlocked, it would seem that he uses “Booth Babes” to refer to anyone who is at a convention mercenary- just there for the money and exposure, not because they care about it. Which honestly, I have never heard used as a perjorative. So that would be his problem.

In fact, I did read his piece and it would seem that his biggest problem wasn’t his opinion- it’s that he seemed to have expected his readers to know who he he is. In this day and age of the internet, you can’t assume that people will take the time to look back over your portfolio to see what you stand for. Assume that all they have to judge you by are the words in your post.

Want to mock people using a perjorative your friends use? Make sure that you explain it- otherwise, 99% of the internet will be confused. Trust me.

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