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August 24, 2012

Blood and lasers.

Last night, as with many nights, I put the kids to bed and it turned out that the Oldest Kidlet didn’t brush his teeth. So out he came from his room, explained what he was doing and went into the bathroom.

And started screaming, “THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE.”

Turns out that both TheBoy and a BIL had inexplicably left their razors out on the counter, and he’d touched one. Neither guy leaves them out usually, and I don’t know which razor he cut his thumb on. But there you have it.

There was blood everywhere- fingers bleed a lot. So I calmly had him sit down, rinsed off his hand with a wet cotton ball so that I could see which finger was cut, cleaned the wound and put on a band aid. Cleaned up the blood and right away I could see that he’d already bled through the pad of the band aid.

As soon as I put on the new one I realized he’d been pressing down on his thumb, forcing the blood out. So we put a stop to that, and the bleeding stopped. No trip to the ER necessary. (He’s disappointed about that)

We had a long talk about not touching things you aren’t sure what they are, especially when you know a grown up is in the next room. I explained what the razors are for, why they’re sharp and he should just get a grownup if he sees one without any protection on it.

Fast forward to the next morning, when the Oldest Kidlet was telling his dad what happened. “And then I cut my finger on your LASER!”

No matter how many times I’ve corrected him, he still says lasers. So I suppose I’ll just have to get used to the fact that the woman at the grocery store probably thinks we’re supervillains with lasers everywhere.

Do you have any stories that sound way more interesting the way kids tell it?

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