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August 29, 2012

Super love and Orange Juice.

I was going to write a piece about Superman and Wonder Woman, but I’ll just say this. While I see why they’d be attracted to each other, I don’t think it could be anything permanent. Why? Ultimately, they’re really similar. Really, really similar. Both are essentially outsiders fighting for the good of mankind, and historically believed in the same things. Not to mention they’re on the same team. Being around each other all the time can’t be good.

It just feels like once they’re together there won’t be enough conflict to keep it interesting.

Yeah, I know Lois and Clark worked together, but they were competing to get their work printed and noticed. They didn’t always agree on how things should be handled, and so it was always interesting. (For what it’s worth, if Bruce & Clark were suddenly gay, that would be a lasting pairing because they approach everything differently. My evidence? Apollo and Midnighter.)

Now that I got that out of my system… orange juice. Last week, the Oldest Kidlet went to pour himself a glass of orange juice and spilled it all over the counter. “OH NO,” he wailed, standing there.

I got up to inspect, and he was still standing there, doing nothing. Frustrated, I told him to get paper towels, but still he froze and I had to clean up the whole mess. I even had to mop the floor because the orange juice had somehow spilled everywhere.

I lost it, and sort of shouted at him about how you can’t just stand there because the mess just gets bigger if you don’t rush to clean it up. I felt bad that I shouted, but honestly, it was a weird thing to see. He isn’t typically a deer in the headlights type of kid.

Fast-forward to today. I could hear him set out his cup, and get the orange juice. “Yikes!” he said. “Don’t worry Mom, I got it!”

I looked up. He’d accidentally dropped the orange juice carton on the floor and spilled a little on the floor. He was already cleaning it up. I pointed out that you have to clean up the floor after you clean up the orange juice (since it just gets sticky unless you clean it twice). So he got a paper towel and asked me what I’d use to keep it from being sticky (I got one damp and put a little dish soap on it)- and he cleaned it up.

I guess he was just having a really rough today that last time.

Today was pretty awesome. He started first grade and proclaimed it the best day of school ever. I’m just happy that he’s happy- he was getting pretty tired of summer near the end, there. It’s true.

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