The Second Child.

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I remember the moments when I knew that the Oldest Kidlet had learned something new. You would see the light of recognition in his eyes when he caught on to something, and then immediately started showing off to everyone.

His little brother is different. It took ages for him to start talking with any frequency (though he’d used a lot of words, just one or two at a time), and when as soon as he did start talking, he jumped into full phrases and hasn’t stopped talking ever since. He refused to recite the alphabet or numbers in preschool last year. This year? He’s showing off in school by finishing worksheets ahead of everyone else and asking me to give him homework so he can show off to me.

Yes, he waits until he can master it before he lets anyone know that he can do it. (This might remind me of my little sister. Just a bit – she’s terrifyingly smart)

On Friday, we were watching Thomas the Tank Engine on PBS and it ended just as they were finishing getting dressed for school. Word World began, and the boys begged me to record it. So I did. (And then I wrote the blog post about why PBS is important)

While they didn’t watch Word World on Friday, they watched it on Saturday. At least 6 times. Word World is one of the shows I mentioned in the PBS piece that is literacy based. Everything in Word World (the place) is made of letters (the dog’s body is made up of the letters D-O-G), and they talk about sounds, segmenting and blending (that’s breaking apart words into sounds, and putting those sounds and letters back together). One of the episodes in the show involved all the water disappearing when one of the characters split up the letters in water. And so they spelled water again and again. W-A-T-E-R.

Today when we went to drop off the Oldest Kidlet and were waiting in the kindergarten yard (you can’t go into the first grader playground without getting a visitor pass) and the Little Kidlet found the cover to the water access, which said Water on it. He’d been pointing it out to me last week as where the Ninja Turles live, so I asked him to tell his dad what it was.

He leaned over. “W-A-T-E-R,” he said, spelling it out carefully. “It says Water!”

I’m going to make a confession here. While I do sit down with my boys to read books and sound out words- it’s mostly for the Oldest Kidlet’s benefit because he needs to read in school. The Little Kidlet likes to spend the time that’s just the two of us coloring and practicing writing letters and numbers. We don’t focus on reading yet because he’s just in preschool- I didn’t want to pressure him. Guess he wants to do what his brother can.

Does your second child want to do everything your oldest can, and is stubborn enough to learn the way mine does? Have something else you want to tell me? Comment below!