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October 11, 2012

Nature is amazing.

Today’s one of the first days that feels like fall. A storm system is blowing through LA today, and temperatures are in the mid to upper 60’s. After two months of 90 degree weather, it’s beautiful.

Not only that, but this storm happens to have the possibility of thunder, which means it’s blustery, too.

It was also the Little Kidlet’s parent teacher conference, and we found ourselves parked by a train track enjoying some fries before that. As he played with my phone, I looked up at the sky.

I saw some seagulls circling, and then saw some larger birds gliding. Curious if they were hawks or vultures, I kept watching. And as I watched I realized, I’d only seen a small part of the birds circling. The dozen gulls? It was more like a hundred in total. There were at least 8 or 9 vultures (and they were definitely vultures), when I’d originally only seen three.

I couldn’t figure out why there were so many birds (since they weren’t circling over carrion). Then I realized it. They were riding all the streams from the windy weather. Letting it take them up and down, the way that hang gliders do. I watched them for five minutes, and tried to record them on video (unfortunately they were too high up for the camera to catch them). They started low and found the currents that would take them higher, until finally they were so high they vanished into the clouds.

It was like watching a snowglobe, the way the glitter falls and circulates up and down, but with birds. Breathtaking.

And as a bonus, as we were getting ready to leave I saw some red tailed hawks gliding by, too!

(Days like this make me realize that I need to get a scope for my phone. Or invest in a camera that I can hook up some serious lenses to.)

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