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October 19, 2012

Pizza Night.

Our family, like most families has a pizza night. That night where you pick up pizza to give everyone a break from cooking.

It’s a tradition in this house, spanning for decades before we moved in and before I joined the family. There’s a pizzeria practically around the corner, that has a one-topping carry-out special. My father-in-law picks up the basics, one cheese, one pepperoni, one sausage, and one with jalepeños. It’s decent pizza, not great, but still satisfying. On special occasions, he gets some from a nicer place. That one has chorizo for a topping.

Now that I’m dairy-free, it rules out pizza for me. (I do miss the chorizo topped pizza) At least pizza I didn’t make myself. Which is fine, because the Little Kidlet’s never been able to partake.

So I make a special dinner for the two of us. Usually either pan-fried polenta with toppings or an allergen-free pizza.

For the allergen-free pizza, I use the Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pizza mix. In place of the egg the recipe on the back requires, I use the flax swap out. It gives the crust a bit grainier taste, but it’s something that the both of us can eat. I’ve never tried goat’s milk products with the Little Kidlet, so we use Daiya cheese- which is soy-free. It melts pretty well, but you have to be careful not to go overboard. Otherwise it gets a bit gluey. And to that, I use my favorite marinara sauce (which at the moment is Fresh & Easy’s roasted garlic sauce).

So far as other toppings, go, I’ll cook off some bacon until it’s done but a little soft (I like my bacon crispy) and slice up some onions. Then both go on top- and the onion gets nice and soft, and the bacon crisps on top of the pizza.

But that isn’t what we’re going to do tonight. I’m making the Little Kidlet his polenta (because BOY does he love polenta). I buy the premade chubs, slice them and pan fry them in some olive oil. Then they get served with a little sauce and some bacon (you’ll see why in a bit).

For me? I’m going to make slice up some french bread and top it with sauteed mushrooms, onions and bacon. If it’s any good, I’ll take pictures and post the recipe.

What’s your Friday food routine? I’m curious!