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October 25, 2012

Hidden Talents.

One of the things I remind my friends who are just having kids (since TheBoy and I were one of the first in our circle of friends) is that kids are sponges. They watch and hear everything.

The Oldest Kidlet says, “Oh. My. Gosh.” just like I do. He went through a phase where everything was awesome. All my fault. (Just like when he was two and was singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the car- but you know… that was awesome. See? The overusage of awesome is my fault.)

Tonight, we were doing laundry and my mother-in-law dumped it on the floor and asked the boys to help. They whined, and I said they could either help fold laundry or put away the few toys they’d gotten out after dinner.

The Little Kidlet chose picking up toys and the Oldest Kidlet chose laundry.

We sat on opposite ends of the pile, and I watched him pick out a pair of his brother’s pajama pants, fold it in half so that the legs together and fold that in half again. Then he reached for another. I just kept watching.

My mother-in-law sat down. “Wow,” I said. “How often do you have him help you?”

“Oh,” the Oldest Kidlet says. “This is my first time folding laundry.”

“Wow,” she said. “He must have just been watching me.”

“That’s exactly what I did.”

And I have to admit, he has it down. Takes each item and folds it and puts them in stacks. There’s a stack for his shirts, his pants, his pajamas, his underwear- and stacks for each of those things for his brother. He carefully lays them flat on the floor so that he can make the folds as neat as possible.

When the Little Kidlet (who is generally the one who sits and observes everything) joined in, he picked up an item of clothes, wadded it up and put it on the appropriate stack.

“Oh, [LK],” the Oldest Kidlet sighed. “When will you learn.”

My mother-in-law and I wonder if we should take advantage of this. Maybe we should get one of those folding boards like they use in stores (or Sheldon has on The Big Bang Theory). Hmm.

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