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November 7, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunctions. (No, not that kind)

In looking over my new Instagram profile, I wouldn’t blame the internet for coming to two conclusions:

1. I only have one cardigan, and I wear it every day.
2. I only own three tshirts, but I wear the Star Wars shirt all the time.

I have two cardigans, but I misplaced my black one for the last couple months, and so I only wore my teal ones in the morning. I know. I am horribly lazy- I have a couple light jackets I could wear.

I do have a lot more tshirts, but apparently I wear the Star Wars logo one when I feel photogenic. Or something- the shirt does make me happy.

Why do I bring this up? Today was a ridiculous day of clothing achievements. First, I put my son in a Star Wars tshirt when I was wearing one. Then I went to buy Star Wars cookie cutters while wearing a Star Wars tshirt. I didn’t intend anything, other than buying the cookie cutters.

The people at Williams-Sonoma were really amused. But we did talk about Disney buying Lucasfilm and Lucas announcing he would donate all $4 billion of that. One of the guys there then asked if I though that Episode VII would be Heir to the Empire or something new. I said that as long as it wasn’t any of the books with the Yuuzhan Vong, I’ll probably enjoy it.

By the way, I’m just glad that Instagram is finally rolling out profile pages- I was driving myself crazy trying to find older pictures of mine.

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