Keurig, I don’t like your ads.

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I should say up front that I like Keurig. My parents have a couple (my dad uses one at work) and we used it over Christmas. Everyone enjoyed getting to have what they wanted- from my tea to particular blends of coffee.

And yes, my eco friendly parents have the reusable cups that they use for both tea and coffee at home.

But the ads…

I’m sure you’ve seen them. There are two adults and a kid in the kitchen. The adult that isn’t the mother asks about how the Keurig works, and the child answers with an imaginative story.

“Actually,” the parent says with their child a foot away. “I just push this button.”


Talk about horrible parenting. That’s right, strike down your child’s creativity to prove that you know everything!

The saddest part is that it only required a slightly different line by the parent to get the message across without making it seem like only insensitive parents own Keurigs.

“And to think,” the parent says with a knowing smile. “That happens when I push this button.”

To whatever agency made the Keurig ads, feel free to send me a check for that one.

  • Parents simply aren’t careful of their children’s creativity. The Boy does so many odd things and I really wish I knew what was going on in his head. I can’t WAIT until he can tell me all the fantastic stories and thoughts that I know are rattling around in there while he spins in circles with a dish towel over his head, or stands in rapt attention in the living room, staring at a burp rag. 🙂 Some day…some day…

  • I just was given a Keurig for my birthday from my kids and hubs. We all love it. I have not seen that ad, but I agree – that is horrible!! What marketing genius came up with that? One without kids I am guessing!!

  • Cat

    It’s also horrible because the acting’s so bad, and the whole scene is creepily sterile – including the plastic people.