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January 14, 2013

What are we going to do tonight, kidlets?

Last week, in the midst of everything I was blogging about, my kids were being themselves.

The Oldest Kidlet, ever the curious child (I have been lamenting about the sheer volume of questions I get in a day. On Sunday it had to have been at least 250 in the span of 6 hours), asked me who the ruler of the world was.

As I was beginning to explain that countries have leaders, but that there isn’t a leader of the world- the Little Kidlet stood up. “I AM.”

“What?” The Oldest Kidlet asked. “You are what?”

Casually and calmly, the Little Kidlet smiled. “I am the leader of the world.”

The Oldest Kidlet stood up, his hands on his hips. “You can’t just say you are. It doesn’t work that way.”

Still calm, the Little Kidlet started to walk away. “I did, so I am. I thought of it first.”

And I just did my best not to laugh. I admit, of the two kids, I did not peg the Little Kidlet as the megalomaniac out of my children. But I learn something new from them all the time.

Super heroes? Or is one a super villain?
Super heroes? Or is one a super villain?

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