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Kidlets, Droids & Star Wars, blurring the lines.

A lot has gone on since vacation, and it seems wrong at the moment to blog the silliness. TheBoy’s maternal grandmother is in the hospital. Her health has been declining over the last year- and in the last few months especially. And it’s terminal. She has congestive heart failure and her kidneys have failed. They’re making her comfortable… but it’s upended everything here. But I’ve had these posts lined up in the queue, and I don’t quite have the words yet to write about it. Just know that we really do appreciate all the support.

App Review: Flickr

Since last month’s Instagram debacle, I decided to review alternative apps. My requirements? There had to be versions for both iPhone and Android. (While my requirement is that it has to be available on both of the main platforms, these reviews are for Android only, since I don’t have access to an iOS device) I already reviewed EyeEm, a new social platform based out of Berlin for adults. I’ve continued using it- I like the filters and ease of use… though it does attach a location if you have GPS on, and that’s a little annoying. Next up, the mainstay…

Happy New Year!

I know, I realize I haven’t posted about Christmas yet, but I just wanted to seize the moment to thank each and every one of you who read this blog. You all mean so much. Here’s to 2013, and another year with all of you. Resolutions? I’ve made a few. I want to do more with the kids. Not that we don’t do a lot- just to do more things outside of our house. I will blog at least M-W-F, and to get back up to writing two hours a day. I will run. I should be prepared, just in…