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February 6, 2013

Swept up by madness.

There’s so much going on around here. For some reason, February is filled with doctor’s visits- including the Little Kidlet’s annual trip to the allergist, which is actually made up of three visits. The checkup, the scratch test and then the follow-up to the scratch test.

The Little Kidlet has had a pretty good year. Only a few noticeable reactions, and all but one we know exactly what triggered it. Especially in the last few months he’s really begun to understand the concept of allergies and that he shouldn’t eat food in class parties or at birthday parties unless I say it’s alright.

He was well behaved during his scratch test (as usual), and played on his Nook the entire time. The assistant who performed it told me that he was the best patient she’s ever had. The nice thing about the scratch test is that you can sort of see just what he’s reacting to. He had no reaction to the diluted food allergens (they retested his known food ones) and a couple new reactions to environmentals. Even the full strength food ones, he only showed a reaction to egg and peanut.

During the follow-up, I told the allergist that I wasn’t in a rush to introduce anything. He smiled and told me that was good. Because he wanted to confirm with blood tests later- which he wouldn’t do until the Little Kidlet needs his next blood draw for his pediatrician (since who wants to put little kids through all that twice in a year?). So we won’t get more answers until the end of the year, but it was good to see that there’s been some progress.

Beyond that, there are two class parties for LK this month, and one for the Oldest Kidlet. They’ve ramped up the Oldest Kidlet’s homework assignments, so he has a lot more reading/writing to do each day.

Add in the fact that I really have to spend time to organize my bedroom (5 years of “finding places to store things” has finally failed)…. I’m exhausted.

But enough about this chaos… how are you?

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