Green grass.

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Kids are insane. This is a story about the Oldest Kidlet, but I’ve heard from other parents that I’m not alone.

Last year, the Oldest Kidlet begged me to let him buy lunch now and then. I figured there was no harm in it, and even the remote possibility that he might try something new. While he hasn’t gone beyond chicken nuggets and hamburgers, it’s broken up the monotony and made him happy.

This year, I started to hear a different tune. “Mom, LittleGeekGirl always brings her lunch. She never buys it. I don’t want to buy lunch anymore.”

But the grass-is-greener mentality didn’t stop there. As you all know, I’m a stay at home mom. TheBoy and I came to that decision so that I could help support the kidlet’s education and make sure that they got everything out of it that they could.

So take a guess how this conversation left me feeling:

“Mom, I wish I could do the after school program.” (That’s the program for kids with parents who can’t make the 2:30 pickup time have somewhere to go- they do homework, sometimes play)

“But you have a mom who can pick you up when school gets out.”

“But I wish I could be in it.”

Feeling gutted, I didn’t say anything to him as we walked to the car. But I did come to the conclusion that the Oldest Kidlet has to believe that the kids in the after school program get to learn something that the other kids don’t. Because I’m not sure why he’d want to have less time at home with his brother and their collective gadgets.

Other than the obvious. That the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

  • Misa Knight

    I think those programs are designed to “look fun” so the kids will want to go. Try not to take it personally.

  • I try not to. At the time it just felt like a slap in the face.

  • I did the same thing with my parents. They put me in a private school when I entered 7th grade. I was always the outsider in public school, some of the teachers had not-so-good rumors flying around them, and my parents figured I’d do better in private school. Halfway through my 8th grade year, I BEGGED to be put back into public school. I was just CERTAIN I was missing something, apparently forgetting the whole “being an outsider because I was different and had no friends” thing. The final decision between schools had to be made before 9th grade, as I couldn’t move to public at that point because they wouldn’t accept the credits earned at private school. So…my parents let me.

    Within 3 weeks I was through – I wanted to go back to private school. I had my stuff stolen, my jacket flushed down the toilet, my locker was broken into daily…and this was in a small town! To their credit, my parents made me stay the entire remaining part of the year. They wanted to make SURE I knew what I was “missing out on”.

  • I guess there is just something about the unknown. You figure it has to be better somewhere else.

    I’m sure that I gave my parents hell with this sort of thing, too. I know that in high school I was sure that the designer jeans were some sort of gateway to being cool.