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February 11, 2013

Ramen & Karaoke – an adventure.

Thursday night, TheBoy asked me something unexpected. He asked if I wanted to go to karaoke with some co-workers of his.

Now, this isn’t unexpected for me. I have a singing background, and as anxious as I get in social situations, singing in front of people isn’t a problem. Sometimes, it’s actually calmed me down.

However, TheBoy is not much of a singer. I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve heard him singing in the car. And previously, I knew he was probably drunk when he joined in singing along to Beatles Rock Band. So it was a bit of a shock to hear those words coming from him.

And so far as the social aspect went, I wasn’t too worried. I’d met two of the co-workers at a Christmas party, so I knew there was someone to talk to.

We drove out to the West side to eat at Tatsu Ramen, then hit up the karaoke place across the street. I am a big fan of ramen (and since there aren’t a lot of places, I’ve taken to making my own broth here at the house). Ordering was fun- they have a basic menu, and you can customize each dish and add on to it. And you order it all on an iPad- so you see exactly what you’re getting. I had their Old Skool Ramen, with comes with a classic broth and a choice of meat (or tofu). TheBoy had the Bold Ramen, and made it as spicy as possible. It was spicy enough that it just being next to me was making my nose run! But he loved it.

Since we were a pretty large group (in all there were 9 of us), we sat outside and had a great time. Then we walked across the street to do karaoke. Now, it wasn’t the type of karaoke place you might expect- with the stage. It was the kind filled with individual rooms. We got a room and from there it was a chaotic sort of fun. People just kept filling up the queue with songs (everything from Maroon 5 to Queen and even some Weird Al), and even if you didn’t have the mic, you could sing as loud and as enthusiastically as possible. We had a grand time.

Yes, even TheBoy. And no, he didn’t need liquid courage to get there. (He did have a beer, but it wasn’t needed to get him going)

So if you’re worried about karaoke, this is the sort of environment I recommend. Pick some great company and find somewhere a little more private.

Of course, going out really late is never a good idea when you know you have kids that are early risers. I didn’t drink anything that night, but it felt like I woke up with a hangover. Still, it was worth it.

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