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February 15, 2013

Friday Night Random: Chapman University

Here’s something new, a random fact about me. The kidlets are in bed, and well, I just realized I haven’t told this story in awhile.

For two years I went to Chapman University in Orange, CA. I transferred to a state school after that because I had no idea what to be, and Chapman wasn’t the university to be aimless at.

Chapman has a yearly fundraiser that the theater & music department team up on, putting together a night of musical theater. My first year there, it was A Night on Broadway, and there were medleys from famous Broadway Musicals. Like Les Mis. I went in and auditioned…

I was cast as Young Cosette. They dressed me in rags, dirtied up my face, and I sang like a kid (something I was already good at- but that’s a story for another time, I believe). How did I do? A lot of producers and directors were at the fundraiser (Chapman has a great film school) and someone asked the musical director of the show where they got the amazing little girl. He was shocked to learn that I was a freshman. The director made sure to tell me.


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