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March 6, 2013

Tracking the Plague.

It’s funny. Living in a house with this many people in it, it’s fascinating to see how a sickness rolls through it. Who brings it in, who gets it next. It’s like our own mini Outbreak.

I’m not sure who started this last one. TheBoy went to work one day complaining that he felt a little off, and came home sick. My mother in law had the same off feeling, but it didn’t quite get worse. The Little Kidlet then got the cold, and being that I was taking care of LK and sleeping next to TheBoy… whammo.

This would be the one downside of TheBoy being on the day shift. It used to be that if he was sick, we weren’t sleeping next to each other- so I could just change the sheets and wipe things down with the Clorox wipes and call it a day. It was completely possible for me to avoid getting sick.

Not so much now. But it’s a small price to pay to have him here, though.

Last week I pushed through the generic yucky feeling and got the kids where they needed to be. But by Friday, it was hitting me hard. Hard enough that I actually kept the Little Kidlet home from preschool (he had a little bit of a cold, but no fever) because it was too far to drive to his school.

We had a family party here for some wonderful relatives who were visiting, and I was sick enough that when I came down in the morning, I must have looked and sounded pretty back because I was sent upstairs to get some sleep. Which I did. I was quarantined in my room and watched some Supernatural on Netflix and got a lot of sleep. And apparently I actually was sick enough that people worried about my lack of tweets or posts on Facebook.

It looks like the plague is pretty much gone from the house. LK still has a cough, but I think that’s just seasonal allergies (those are trying to kill me, too). So I think it’s safe to call off PlagueWatch 2013. Until the next person shows up sick.