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March 8, 2013

Can’t Reach.

Back when the Oldest Kidlet was 5, he started to get a little lazy. He’d reach towards where ever his cup was and would say, “Can’t reach.” It sort of became a family catchphrase. TheBoy adopted it first, I jokingly used it with TheBoy… and to this day, I can still hear people say it.

The Oldest Kidlet got over this lazy spell, and doesn’t use it any more.

Earlier in the week, the Little Kidlet was busy watching Fireman Sam while hanging onto the doorknob to the front door, stretching around the corner towards the dining room table. He muttered something I couldn’t quite understand.

“What, you can’t reach it?”

He dropped his little hands. “NO MOMMY.” He took a deep breath. “I SAID, I don’t have Jedi Powers.” Then he went back to his previous pose, hand out as though he was trying to use the Force. “Nnnnggggh.” He sighed, and walked over to the cup. “I wish I had Jedi Powers.”

“Me too, baby. Me too.”

He’s hilarious, that one. And I’m a bad influence on him. Just the other day, I read something funny online. Then I read something funnier, which made my giggles turn into cackles and snorts. Not my finest hour, but it was worth it. The Little Kidlet, who had been laying on the couch watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, sat up. He rolled his eyes and sank back down. “And you call me weird,” he said.

That’s when I fell off the couch. I probably should work on not being so sarcastic around him.

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