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April 15, 2013

Gray Day.

I’d had a post queued up, but with the news that there were explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon- it just doesn’t seem the time to snipe at Justin Bieber’s narcissism, or gush about the magic of a night with a friend.

So all I have is this picture from today- snapped during some drizzle. I took it to show the weather, but there was something melancholy and empty about it that seems to fit how this story makes me feel.

rainy day

No answers or culprits just yet. But it really hurts that have an event that celebrates what amazing things people are capable of has been tarnished by something like this. (Since there hasn’t been any confirmation about what caused the explosion, I’ll just leave it at that)

Update: There were devices found, but they still have no idea who’s behind it. If you know someone in Boston (or live in the area) here are some useful links:

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