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April 22, 2013

Earth Day!

I was going to make an it’s Easy Being Green joke, and I realized I already did that a few years back. Plus, I’ve been whining about how not easy it is having green hair (I wake up with green fingers, arms and cheeks- I have had an actual green thumb) on Twitter. So it seemed wrong to repeat myself.

Earth Day has been something my family’s celebrated for awhile. I remember going to Earth Day events back when I was a kid, learning about composting, recycling, etc. My mom actually made reusable bags back in the early 90s, and has used them regularly since then. So yeah, Green is in my blood.

I do a few things to lessen the trash, and there are a few more things you can do that I haven’t done yet.

1. Reusable cups. I bring my own coffee cups and cold cups to coffee houses (when I remember them). I have reusable water bottles (Sigg and BPA free plastic ones) that I use as well.

2. Reusable containers for food. When we go out, I pack a lot of snacks- and I have containers to pack lunches for all four of us. I even have some melamine plates that I own just in case we go on a picnic.

3. Reusable bags. I collect reusable bags. Honestly, I have about 20 of them in the back of my car and around the house because I use them all the time- and they’re only useful if you have them with you. So there are a few stashed in TheBoy’s car, my van, and all around the house. I have fabric ones (which I like because you can wash them), the plastic ones (which I wash with hot soapy water regularly so that they aren’t filled with bacteria).

4. When I do forget to bring bags with me, I recycle the plastic bags at my grocery store.

What I still need to do:

1. Buy bamboo silverware for eating out. All those plastic forks have got to go- I keep meaning to have a few sets on hand for picnics, fast food…

2. Fabric napkins for the same. I do enough laundry that washing them wouldn’t be a big deal, so I really should keep some on hand.

3. Bring my own containers for left-overs at restaurants.

4. Start my own garden. I keep trying, and then killing my plants… but really, it’s worthwhile to grow the things that you use all the time (like herbs).

So do you have any tips on “being green?” I’d love to hear them!

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