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May 1, 2013

Blood and Iron.

I’ve been working on a much longer blog post, one that I want to get just right.

And I’ve been writing. Lots of fiction, which tends to mean I don’t get as many ideas for this blog.

So instead, you get this, an update on my health.

My iron is up, though not in normal range yet. I’m still on liquid iron for the foreseeable future, but I’ve become much better at getting the straw further down in my mouth so that I don’t wind up tasting it. Liquid iron tastes like sucking on rusty nails with some dirt taste thrown in for good measure. I can’t explain why it tastes like that to me. It just does. (I’m sure that dirt would taste better, now that I think about it)

I’ve been cleared to run again, which is good. I’ve actually been itching to get out there again. And I’ve actually put on a little weight that’s fluff, not muscle. So I’m definitely looking forward to getting out there and resuming operation “get back in shape.”

Whitney of a year ago would never have said that.

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