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May 14, 2013

Life is a dance party.

Today I tweeted this:

It occurred to me, looking at the responses, that I mention a lot of dance parties. And some people probably wonder whether or not I actually do dance in public whenever I get the chance.

The answer is yes. I have absolutely no shame when it comes to dancing and lip syncing in public.

Why? Because of my mom (and I mean this as a compliment- and know she’ll take it as one). When I was little, weekends and afternoons were filled with dance parties. I come from a long line of music lovers, and it wasn’t uncommon for my mom to put on a record/tape/CD/the radio and we’d dance around for a good long while to whatever popped on. At some point in time, she used to bring out her old dance costumes (my mom did ballet as a child) and we’d put them on and get down.

80’s… disco… surf guitar… big band? We danced to them all. Weddings? I love weddings- even as a kid, it meant that I’d get to dance!

When I started to get older, music came with me everywhere. One of my prized possessions was my CD player and it and a few mix CDs went everywhere with me. When I drove, I put on some music and rocked out. And yes, Supernatural fans, driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole.

So I would dance in the car. Then when I got to college, I would dance in the dorm. And in the library. When I worked at Disneyland- on the monorail platform or on the dock at Jungle Cruise. But that was generally without actual music. It was usually to someone singing a song.

And now that I have my iPod… yes, I dance while running errands. (I dance while I wash dishes and even while I write)

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because in the end, who gives a damn what other people think of you? Better to have some fun that isn’t at anyone’s expense than worry about what random strangers think.

I know, this may seem odd from the woman who wrote a post about anxiety, but I have no problem being rejected by strangers. It’s the idea of being rejected as someone gets to know me better that makes me choke up inside (and idols of mine aren’t quite strangers).

So let loose! Dance! Feel how liberating it is!

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