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July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Apparently that week off from the blog was a bad idea. In the endless stream of life that is summer, I completely forgot to keep up my schedule.

So here I am with a blog on the day I normally post a vlog. Next week, things will be back to normal.

I admit that of all the holidays, I’m not that big about the Fourth of July. It’s mostly a lot of fireworks- and having had dogs in high school and being far enough on the outskirts of town that people would light illegal fireworks… it sort of took the fun out of it.

As a kid, I remember a Fourth where we went to a family friend’s (who had previously been my third grade teacher) house. There were sparklers, and I remember the magic of trying to write my name in the air with light. Whitney is a little long to spell. If I remember right I could get Whit out before losing any letters.

I remember one year we celebrated by going to an Angels game (though I don’t believe it was actually on the Fourth). And since they were owned by Disney, it was a half an hour salute to all the nations of the world but mostly America. (That’s a Muppets 3D reference, yes)

When I moved out, I watched the Fourth of July fireworks at Disneyland- since I worked there for a few years. They typically do their normal nightly fireworks display and add on a patriotic section at the end. That was pretty great.

When I finally had enough seniority to not work a Fourth of July, I’d go home and watch the Boston Pops. That was back when it was on PBS, so you would watch the concert first and then the fireworks instead of some weird condensed version time shifted for primetime television.

These days we walk over to the corner. Where we live, there’s an unincorporated area that means it’s technically part of the county, but not the city. So fireworks are legal there. Well, the legal fireworks are legal there. The kind that launch are illegal, but people still set them off. So we take a blanket, and sit there as the sun gets lower, and the kids watch as many fireworks as they can. Then we walk back in the house and they stand at the windows at the top of the stairs, looking out to watch the actual fireworks shows from the safety of our house.

I think that one of my favorite stories came from when I was really little. We used to go down to my uncle’s house- back when he lived near the beach. I have no idea how big his backyard was- but when I was tiny, it seemed gigantic. One Fourth of July they were setting off fireworks, and I was allowed to watch from the safety of the kitchen screen. I remember one of the spinning ones coming off the stand and going around the backyard, and naturally everyone scattering and finding a way to douse it. But watching the light- it was magic.

So I wish to all of you (my readers in America) a safe and happy Fourth. If you’re going to be setting off fireworks, please be as safe as possible!