[Vlog] Number Nine: Fake Geek Girls

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After two weeks away (yikes!), I filmed an extra long vlog this week. All about Fake Geek Girls and the misconception that Geekdom is overwhelmingly male.

I do apologize if some of this is unclear- I originally shot twenty four minutes on the subject, and still haven’t mastered working off a script. But I have a feeling I’m going to be writing out a companion post for this vlog.

Any thoughts? Questions for my Q&A video?

  • Thoughts I had while watching this:

    The “fake geek girl” meme gets especially painful when women show up in comments sections on posts about it and say things like “But there ARE women like that, and they suck, so I don’t see why talking about it is anti-woman.” Um, because the guys who came up with it and who love to rant about it are declaring themselves judge and jury on whether women are good enough for their standards? Annnnd here’s the giveaway, they don’t seem to have any interest in discussing Fake Geek Guys?

    DC’s survey was for people who bought single issues of the New 52 re-launch. I tried to take it, and it wouldn’t accept my response because I pre-ordered collected trade paperbacks instead of buying single issues. There were quite a few other issues with the way they collected responses – and it was specifically designed to measure that launch, not comics buyers in general. It also ignores the vast audience for web comics as if they don’t exist.

    Your characterization of “comics” is more about superhero comics produced by the major companies – than it is about all of comics. There are tons of indie comics that don’t follow these stereotypes. And even within superhero comics, it depends a lot on the artist. It got a lot easier for me to find and enjoy good comics, and avoid eyeball-scratching ones, when I figured that out a little better!

    Thanks for the vlog, I look forward to them!

  • Yeah, the DC one was definitely flawed in how narrow it was. I knew a lot of women who were buying the new 52 and still left out of the survey. So it was pretty crazy.

    I did generalize when mentioning comics- I mostly meant the big two. I actually own a ton of Indie comics that defied that. And sadly, one of the things I cut- that I couldn’t quite fit in, was that Vertigo was an imprint that provided a much fairer experience in the voices that showed up there. I did feel bad about that edit, but there wasn’t any way for me to re-record stuff and match it to slip in that clarification.

    Thanks for the comments! I really look forward to yours. 🙂