Vlog #10: Q&A Time

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A couple weeks ago I asked for some questions so I could put together a Q&A vid, and there was no disappointment there!

This week’s question came from my Facebook Page, where Stephen Mitchell asked:

“With everyone clamoring for Hollywood to make original movies, why does an original concept such as ‘Sucker Punch’ get so much flak?”

While I answered the general question about Hollywood, I did already tackle my thoughts on Sucker Punch as a movie- you can read them here.

If you have any questions that you want me to answer in future Q&A videos, you can leave me a comment here, and I’ll answer them as they come through!

  • You make a great point Whitney. Most of the movies that do well at the box office are sequels or reboots. Hollywood is scared of originality. I was not a huge fan of John Carter since I enjoyed the books and it was nothing like them. It was a visual spectacle though.

  • Loved your writeup of Sucker Punch, hadn’t seen it before now.

  • I’m willing to give adaptations a bit of leeway, sometimes they become their own delightful thing.

    But yes, they really don’t know what to do with an original idea.

  • Thanks! It did get sort of buried in the archives- and I don’t think I write about movies enough for the related posts thing to pull it up. 🙂