August 1, 2013

[Vlog] 10: Q&A, Part II – Video Games

This is the final installment of my Q&A videos, and this amazing question was spun off from a point raised in my Fake Geek Girls video.

So behold- discussing the SWM influence on video games, and a moment where I confess something that sounds utterly horrible when taken out of context.

In this video I bring up the recent Tomb Raider game, and the controversy that popped up around E3. If you’re unfamiliar with it, I wrote a couple of blog posts about it- this one’s the first, and links to the second. Honestly, if you’re looking for a video game with a fleshed out female protagonist, the new Tomb Raider game is where it’s at.

If you ever have a question that you want me to answer (I have a lot of opinions on things, and it honors me that any of you want to hear them, seriously), just comment on any of the vlog posts. And if you haven’t, take a second to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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