August 8, 2013

[Vlog] The (few) things I don’t like about Ocarina of Time

This week’s vlog is a bit of a spin-off from last week’s vlog, where I talked about video games and mentioned that I had feelings about Legend of Zelda, namely Ocarina of Time.

It’s my favorite video game. No, really. But as someone who loves it, there are a couple areas that I think could be improved, and things that drive me insane.

So I discuss how the game treats its female characters (and I do have to say, it’s a treat that there are so many secondary characters that are important to the game that are female) and the things that drive me up the wall.

I demonstrate one of them and make a lot of ridiculous faces while wearing red lipstick- it’s my new thing. The red lipstick, that is. I’ve always made ridiculous faces.

Think I’m wrong about Ocarina of Time? Have a question you want me to answer at some point in time? Leave me a comment!

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