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November 5, 2013

Just stay home

Once Upon a Time, I worked at Disneyland. And I had a great time, I honestly did. But there was always one downside- Disneyland is open 365 days a year. So if you were new, it guaranteed you’d get the worst holiday shifts. Working during dinner time on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas, until midnight on New Year’s Eve.

And it would take awhile to get the kind of seniority to get the holiday shifts you’d want, and even longer to get them off.

So your family would have to learn to adapt. I remember that TheBoy’s family would set him aside a heaping plate of food, just in case anyone ate all of a certain dish. My parents would book a hotel room at the Disneyland Hotel so that we could have Christmas there, and then I’d run off to my shift.

When I was out, holidays became that much more special. Something that was definitely mine.

So it bothers me to see that more and more stores are going to be open on Thanksgiving. As big a company at Disney is, it’s still only affecting the families of the employees of the Disney parks. With Wal-Mart, Kmart and Sears open on Thanksgiving (I’m pretty sure that Macy’s is, too), you actually wind up with many more employees whose families are impacted.

I could talk about how ridiculously consumeristic it is, but honestly- I’m going to point out that for most families, the family dinner is already gone. Parents work long hours, kids have crazy schedules. For most people, holidays are the only guaranteed family time they have- so cutting into that just to make a few more dollars is insane.

I’m staying home. Well, for Thanksgiving I’m staying at my parent’s house. But I’m not going shopping- it just isn’t worth it.