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November 19, 2013

Does anyone RSVP anymore?

Last weekend was the Kidlets’ joint Birthday Party. Being that their birthdays are a month and a half apart, and the Oldest Kidlet’s birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, it just makes sense to throw them together.

Invitations went out to about 4 friends of the Little Kidlet (he was very specific) and about 12 of the Oldest Kidlet’s closest friends. And nobody RSVP’d.

We wound up with a good turnout, but it was sort of mind-wracking. I had to guess how many people would actually show up (adults and children) and order food to accommodate that.

We wound up with a lot of leftovers (Hawaiian BBQ – TheBoy’s idea, and he gets a gold star for that) and a few extra goody bags.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great party. The kids had a really great time, and it turned into sort of an extended play date vs an organized party. Kids begged to stay because they were having fun tearing through the house playing team hide and seek.

I just don’t understand why people are so hesitant to call to say they’re coming. Maybe next year I’ll just put my number and say – call or text! Maybe people are just as scared of social interaction as I am.

Thankfully, I knew about food limitations for two of the kids we were inviting (both with peanut allergies), so I’d made sure that the ice cream, cookies and food were all peanut free. Only one of the kids with allergies came, but the mother was relieved I’d thought of it.

Is it just a California thing, or is the lack of RSVP more of a national plague?