Ant-Man, focusing on Lang?

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Earlier this week Edgar Wright announced that in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, that Michael Douglas would be playing Hank Pym. Which caused me to pause and wonder. Because they’d already announced that Paul Rudd was playing Ant-Man.

Turns out that Rudd is playing Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man. And I’m disappointed.

While yes, Hank Pym’s history in Marvel comes with some controversy (he beat his wife Janet, which led to their divorce)… there is no way to tell Hank Pym’s origin that doesn’t include Janet Van Dyne. Who is The Wasp. They were two of the founding members of the Avengers, and it’s been rare that an Avengers line-up didn’t include one of them them, at least as an auxiliary member, if not active.

The Wasp, from Earth's Mightiest Heroes

The Wasp, from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Even in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (one of the most recent Avengers cartoons), Janet was included in the founding lineup. And it’s never been just as a token female, Janet’s proven her worth (she even led The Avengers for some time in the comics).

So yes, I’m let down. While the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been excellent in showcasing female characters that aren’t simply archetypes (Pepper Potts, Black Widow, Jane Foster, Sif, Peggy Carter, and even Frigga and Darcy have facets to them despite getting minimal screen time), they’ve yet to give us a female superhero with powers. And yet to give a female character their own movie- despite the fact that the day the Avengers came out, people were clamoring for a Black Widow movie.

Marvel/Disney, I love you. But where’s my Black Widow movie? Where’s Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel? I’m not asking as a woman. I’m asking as a fan of superheroes, who has become well aware that Marvel has a rich history of female superheroes. It just seems like a gaping void that no other franchise has been able to fill yet (because WB is still finding excuses for Wonder Woman to not get their own movie). And with the box office proving that female led films can make big bucks (see Catching Fire’s success as well as Frozen’s continuing box office domination), you’re running out of reasons not to.

So, dear readers, if you were to pitch a female character led movie in the MCU, who would you want to see?

  • It’s definitely sad that Janet isn’t likely to get her due here, though I love Scott Lang. They didn’t exactly do Pepper Potts justice, either, her comic character is so much more (in many ways) than the movie version.

  • I like Scott Lang, too. I just love Janet more. 🙂

    And I know what you’re saying about Pepper. IM3 at least got the closest to comic!Pepper. And the sad thing is that Pepper in the movies is still miles above most female characters in action movies. (I will always love that she’s the one who saves Tony)

  • I love Janet more too, I promise! Scott Lang should have been saved for the Alias / Luke Cage / Iron Fist / Daredevil Netflix stuff, he works way better in that setting.

    The two last-minute saves were SO not enough payoff for the kidnapping and being used as bait, acting like Tony’s PTSD was just an irritation to her / bad manners, and all the crying. I didn’t see any evidence of her level-headed, spine of steel personality. Nothing that would make me think “Oh yeah, this gal could be Rescue.”