My weird week on the internet.

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Today I blocked a third person on Google+. Not for trolling, but for the most basic sort of idiocy… I blocked men who were being skeevy in the comments.

I’ve been noticing a trend. I’ll be circled by a guy from SouthEast Asia, who proceeds to +1 every single post of mine with a picture, and will comment on how nice I look. Then eventually they’ll ask if they can contact me, I’ll say no and they’ll get weird.

But this last one took the cake. He got me to block him in three comments without my having to post anything. On my most recent picture, he said “sweet and pretty. just what i like.” Then two minutes later, “can i have your phone number.” And two minutes after that, “virgins are the best ar you one?”

So yeah, I blocked him. Granted, with his first comment I’d already told TheBoy that I had a potential candidate to be sent to the CreeperZone.

It’s making G+ uncomfortable, though. It’s like MySpace used to be. I couldn’t log in there without getting some guy in SoCal asking if I wanted to hookup. Didn’t matter if my profile pic was a cartoon character or my kids. There were explicit offers and dick pics. I got tired of blocking people and just deleted my account.

I stay on G+ because there are circles of people there that I talk to regularly. I’ve found a nice circle of writers. But technically “being a creeper” isn’t against their TOS, so all I can do is block them.

I also got a fair number of fallout from posting reports from Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural Convention in Vegas (VegasCon). There was an incident involving a celebrity guest, and his fans thought I was being unfair. First time I’ve actually had angry anonymous messages. And I know that I was posting my opinion (and stated that) and that ultimately I didn’t need to do anything to make anyone look bad. I’ll be putting those con reports here on the site next week- as well as all my Tumblr recaps for this season of Teen Wolf.

So that was my week – how was yours?

  • Tigger

    Oh good LORD people are ridiculous. When did that behavior EVER become okay? I imagine it’s been there all long, even back in our grandparents’ day, although different. The net just gives them even more territory to creep on.

    As for the fans of the person: all you did was write about what you saw. When new info came forward you were very quick to put that up and comment on it. I didn’t see it as bashing but…a thing happened and you saw the thing and yeah. I stand my my opening statement: people are ridiculous.

  • Ugh the internet! So shiny and yet so annoying.

  • I know! I really wish I knew what went through people’s heads before they were so weird.

  • People really are ridiculous.