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September 25, 2014

Not quite ready for some posts yet.

You might have guessed that there are a lot of things going on the world that I probably have opinions about. Like the NFL or Emma Watson’s speech for the UN that 4Chan is being creepy about.

And I do have lots of opinions, but the last one is sort of triggery for me at the moment. For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to something that reminds you of previous events – in my case, the whole tape thing. The idea that a group of people think that releasing pictures would make her behave a certain way is uncomfortably close to what’s going on with me- and all that ugliness is just hard to deal with, especially since I’m between therapy appointments right now

I promise. I will post about the NFL. I will post about Emma Watson’s speech- just not right now.

There’ll be a real post tomorrow, but considering the amount of well-meaning requests I’ve had for a post, or a discussion about what’s going on… I thought that maybe putting it one place might help. I’m going to be a good ol’ fashioned life blog for a bit- talk about the kids, things I’ve done. Table the issues posts while I heal.

Thanks in advance for understanding.