January 28, 2015

[Vlog] Whitney Watches: Agent Carter “The Blitzkrieg Button”

After taking a week off for the State of the Union, Agent Carter is back! Which means, it’s time for another vlog! (Which yes, I did film, edit and upload late at night. TheBoy was fast asleep next to me while I edited.)

And let me tell you… this was a fantastic episode! I… eeee!!! It wrapped up one story line and opened the door for something so much bigger. And it tackled a lot of societal issues you don’t normally see in shows set post-WWII.

So it looks like next week’s episode sets up the next direction the show’s taking, and I’m excited. Are you?

I want to hear all about your thoughts. And if you’re curious what I did for my hair, I did some quick victory rolls and then pinned up the back – I was a teen in the mid 90s, and while I had short hair, I was in fact a Swing Kid.

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