When Movements are Co-Opted: MOVE ON. SPEAK UP.

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Today, Calgary Expo kicked out an exhibitor who had applied for a table under false pretenses. It was a GamerGate group, who used one of the exhibitor’s webcomics as a ruse to put up GG branded signage. And they then started to derail feminist panels- such as last night’s Women in Comics panel. TheMarySue does a great job covering all of this– go there, come back.

Now, there are a lot of people within GamerGate who try to swear up and down that they are in it because they want ethics in gamer journalism.

Which is a hard story to buy when ultimately, members of GG have gone after women in gaming who are vocal about feminism and critical of the boys’ club mentality within gaming development and gamers. And totally ignore male critics.

So what happens if someone really did join up with GamerGate because they felt there was a lack of transparency in gaming journalism’s ethics, and are baffled by what to do now that it’s a hate group? START YOUR OWN DAMN MOVEMENT.

Way back when the Tea Party first started, I was tweeting about the GOP hijacking the group and what they were making it stand for. And I had several people tweet back who’d been in the Tea Party before Palin became a vocal supporter and it turned into a vile, racist thing. These people really were interested in overhauling taxes, and had their own clear agenda. But the problem is that when the GOP took it and made it an extremist wing of the party, it was no longer what these people signed up for.

So it doesn’t matter how much you scream and shout that you’re in it because of the ethics. When you say nothing about the GGers doxxing women who are critical of the movement, when you say nothing about the death threats being leveled against women – and not men… you’re giving your approval. If you aren’t actively trying to wrest your “movement” from these people who are so filled with hate, then you are just as big of a problem as they are.

I’m not saying that’s what happened in Calgary. No. I see a GG group who wanted to make trouble, did, and found themselves rightfully being labeled as a harassment to the convention.

So if there really are any GamerGaters out there who care about ethics? Ditch the GG label and find your own name. Make it a genuine effort, and make sure that the first thing you do is condemn GG.

Because there is no way that I won’t see GG and think of stunts like this, or threatening and doxxing women. I will never believe a random person who swears that not all GGers are like that, because nobody in the movement is actively forcing these people out. They just stand by and shrug.

  • Emilie Peck

    YES. Exactly! I was thinking the same thing after going on that blocking spree today. There was one guy, ONE, who actually responded in a civil way. The vast majority were dismissive boys club types.

  • One of the GG guys I’d blocked on Twitter found a vlog of mine that was almost two years old where I discussed how fake the concept of Fake Geek Girls was – and that it’s really just guys clinging to this idea that they’re the main demographic, and reveling in getting to be the bullies this time around.

    He shared it with the comment – “and true geeks do not explain how geeky they are. It’s the sign of a fucking poser. Like most women.” So at least I got to ban him from my channel, too.

  • Emilie Peck

    Wow. How pathetic. Sounds like he needs to start putting the effort he does into harassing women into actually bettering himself.

    Like that’ll happen.

  • genoboost

    Wow, I had no idea people were still trying to carry the GG mantle, I doubt the ‘movement’ ever had any positive motivations for existing. It’s obvious gamergaters have no real arguments for their position if all they have left is lying and heckling.

    Gamergate actually reminds me a lot of Big Tobacco back in the day. Just cause a bunch of confusion (“It’s about game journalism and free speech!”) for the fence sitters, and use intimidation on those who directly speak against them.