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June 26, 2015

#MarriageEquality : Love Wins.

pride-whitney I should be working. But to be honest, I’ve been distracted all day long.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal. And that all 50 states will recognize it.

I want to say upfront that I would have fought for marriage equality regardless of my own sexuality. But I think that my sexuality puts me in an interesting spot. I’m bisexual. I’ve known this all my life- though it wasn’t until college I really knew how to describe it (literally everyone suggested gay or straight as my two options). So I was mostly confused, because I have always been attracted to more than just guys.

When I was 18, I met TheBoy. And the first summer we were dating, I knew he was The One. (We were making biscuits in my summer apartment for school) It took some time for us to get married, but here we are. It’ll be eleven years this summer.

We’ve built a life together. And every step of the way, I’ve known what kind of barriers I would have faced if I’d fallen in love with a woman instead. Especially now that I have a serious health condition. He can make decisions if I’m unable to, when we’ve seen hospitals disregard same-sex partners- even if they had all the legal paperwork. There are protections for that now.

So I can smile, and enjoy today, knowing that same-sex couples will have the same legal rights that I do.

Isn’t it amazing to realize that while there are so many problems our children will face, that whether or not they can get married isn’t going to be one of them?

And from a bisexual woman… let’s stop celebrating “gay marriage” today, because this affects more than just the gay community. Ex: If I were to marry a woman, it wouldn’t be a gay marriage, despite being between two women. I’m not gay. The beautiful thing is that we can just call it marriage now.

If you’re still confused, referring to LGBTQIA rights as gay rights excludes a fair amount of the people that these rights will protect. Which is the reason why I bring up the wording. So it was a victory for same-sex couples and the LGBTQIA community, not just the gay community.

So spend today with the people you love. Embrace change – because it’s about recognizing love, and giving people the same rights. And get ready, because there’s a ways to go to make sure that everyone has equal rights.

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