About Whitney Drake

I’m Whitney. A writer/artist/mother/lover-of-using-slashes. Born in Arizona, I lived most of my life in Ventura, CA and moved to Orange County for college.

In Orange County, I worked at the Happiest Place on Earth (better known as Disneyland). I drove the Monorail, was a skipper at the World Famous Jungle Cruise, woke up the birds in the Tiki Room, and worked on my scowl at the Haunted Mansion. It was at Disneyland that I met the love of my love (referred to as TheBoy), who I married in 2004. We now have two wonderful boys.

I’ve held other jobs. I worked at a dental office, and I worked in advertising. Which isn’t much like Mad Men, though if you’re looking for a frame of reference… if there was a geeky girl handing Don analytics from their campaigns, that would be me. I mostly dealt with reports (and the horrible year I did nothing but billing), though I got to write radio copy from time to time.

Currently, I’m a stay at home mom. Between wrangling the two boys, I find time to cook and occasionally to write about it. I also write in the evenings.

Twitter: @whitneyd
Email: whitney(dot)drake(at)gmail(dot)com

Frequently (Un)Asked Questions

Why Geek.Pirate.Mom?

It’s who I am. My blog used to be called “American Whitney” after a time I was joking around on the phone singing The Guess Who’s American Woman with my name in it. But the novelty of that wore off – I think this gives you a pretty good snapshot of who I am.

What if I want you to write a blog post for me? Or review something?

I’m available for freelance blogging. You can contact me for my rates. While exposure is great, I don’t write for free.

If you would like to contact me to review your product, I will do that – though my review will be honest. Any post that’s a compensated review will be duly noted.