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May 26, 2015

Bob’s Burgers: Every Breath You Tikka Masala Burger

We’ve been watching a lot of Bob’s Burgers lately, and one of the things I love are the names of the Burgers of the Day. Punny, funny, and they hint at flavor combinations that I’d love to try. In one episode, Bob threw out the name of a burger (Yes, the Every Breath You Tikka Masala Burger) and never described what else was there other than being topped by Tikka Masala sauce. But I was intrigued. I can make Tikka Masala sauce (or something close, since I don’t have cows’ milk products often). Why couldn’t I just make this burger…

July 31, 2014

Summer 2014: Getaway Weekend

Well, summer has been going, and I’ve been suspiciously quiet. I’ve had a lot going on, some that I can’t really get into – but there have been a lot of amazing things. Earlier this month, we decided to do a weekend trip near where TheBoy works- which is right off the beach. We’d bought a tent and a wagon (a tent for shade, and an all-terrain wagon to haul stuff) and packed up the kids. And it was an amazing weekend. We didn’t go watch fireworks by the marina, like we’d thought we were going to do- the kids…

April 25, 2014

Friday Food – week ending 4/24

I thought I’d try something new and sort of collect the dishes that I make during the week and share them here with links and my thoughts. First, is a dish that I tried for the first time. Shanghai Noodles. This was delicious! I admit, I didn’t make it with pork (I had ground turkey at home), but it was delicious and so very easy to make. I was able to find all the ingredients I didn’t already have in my grocery store- except for fresh shanghai noodles, I subbed in udon (as the recipe recommended). If you can’t find…

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

And a Happy Birthday to the Oldest Kidlet, who has amused us all with the ways he’s responded to Happy Birthday. When I said it to him, he was still in bed, playing the new Legend of Zelda game on his 3DS. He looked at me, somewhat sleepily. “Happy Birthday to you,” he said. “Babe, that’s not how that works. It’s just your birthday.” “Oh, right.” Then when my mom said it about 15 minutes later, he said, “Oh yeah.” And 10 minutes after that when my dad said it, Oldest Kidlet looked up and said, “Why did you kiss…

October 11, 2013

Recipe Friday: DIY Ramen.

I’m sort of taking a sick day- I got the cold that TheBoy had last weekend, and that the bulk of the Little Kidlet’s kindergarten class seem to have. While I’ve been good about washing my hands at home, and using hand sanitizer when I was in the classroom (I volunteer), there’s only so much you can do when kids actually cough or sneeze on your face. So for today, I’m going to share my fake ramen recipe. I mean, it’s really ramen- not from the little packages that you can get… but it’s my homemade version of what you…

July 23, 2013

Review: Beef’d Up

First of all, apologies to anyone outside of LA. But we went to a new restaurant in Whittier, and I had to share. Because it’s new, the food was great and I want this place to succeed. Beef’d Up is a gourmet burger restaurant located in Whittier at the intersection of Beverly Blvd and Norwalk Blvd. There are probably 10 total tables in the place, both indoors and two benches outside. The idea behind it is that they use all fresh ingredients and natural/humanely raised beef. Their sauces are all made in-house. Their menu is pretty basic. They have a…

June 25, 2013

Busy week, have some cookies!

It’s sort of a busy week here in the house, so I figured I’d pull up some old posts this week. And where better to start than with a recipe? Almond Cranberry Cookies. I’m not sure how I wound up at this recipe. It might have been a link in a blog, or I might have googled ‘cranberry almond’ out of desperation, looking for something to bake. Regardless, I wound up at The Wednesday Chef and her post for Regina Schrambling’s Almond-Cranberry Cookies. And I realized, that I had everything I needed to bake these cookies. You see, I’ve been…

February 11, 2013

Ramen & Karaoke – an adventure.

Thursday night, TheBoy asked me something unexpected. He asked if I wanted to go to karaoke with some co-workers of his. Now, this isn’t unexpected for me. I have a singing background, and as anxious as I get in social situations, singing in front of people isn’t a problem. Sometimes, it’s actually calmed me down. However, TheBoy is not much of a singer. I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve heard him singing in the car. And previously, I knew he was probably drunk when he joined in singing along to Beatles Rock Band. So it…

February 4, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

I’m not a fan of football. I’ve jokingly called myself a college football widow (though TheBoy has found a nice balance of football and family). But I do love the Super Bowl. It’s a time for family to come together, to enjoy some commercials and to eat. So when I was asked to handle the food for this years’ shindig, I jumped at the chance (I’m including a list of the recipes I made at the bottom of this post. I didn’t see all of the ads, but what I did see was a little underwhelming. I was not immune…

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been a wee bit out of it this week. Sorry for the lack of posts. Last year was a success when it came to Thanksgiving, so far as allergies went. I cooked the day before, making the Little Kidlet’s meal. So we’re repeating that. Right now I’m roasting a turkey breast (which doesn’t seem to be as golden as I’d hope, but we’ll just keep going with it) and already made LK’s sage stuffing. (While it’s too late to buy the ingredients for this Thanksgiving, this is a GREAT stuffing, so add it to your lists for your next…