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Sunday Special Wrap-up: 12/16/12

The Doubleclicks (along with Kirby Krackle) found a way to fix Baby it’s Cold Outside. All they had to do was move it to a galaxy far, far, away.
Phil Noto posted this amazing poster-style art for Star Trek Into Darkness on his Tumblr.
12/12/12 happened, and it took down Tumblr. Somehow I survived without my friends silly Doctor Who things.
Which reminds me, The Doctor Who Tumblr had a ‘Doctor Who’ & A session with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, and the full transcript, GIFs included, is up on BBC America.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the webseries modern day adaption of Pride & Prejudice continues to delight me. If you’re an Austen fan and haven’t caught it yet, you can start here. Otherwise, the latest episode is here!
And something actually Pirate related, sort of. A writer schools a reader who suggests their work was a politally correct cliche. (Also, the guy didn’t actually have a historical leg to stand on, either. There were a lot more women at sea than most people believe)

Make It and Love It shares a great (and simple) Little Pieces Toy Sack, for storing toys that come with a million accessories. There’s also a link to her previous tutorial for Clear Plastic Toy Bags, which are also awesome.

This doesn’t quite fall under any of the one categories, but I do think it’s an important read. “I am Adam Lanza’s mother” – a mother’s essay about her struggle with a child suffering from mental illness. Don’t be put off by the title, it really is a good read. And frankly, mental health is an issue that needs to be discussed. We try to sweep it under the rug, and it’s something that should be discussed so that nobody feels as though they’re dealing with this alone.

(Update: While this link is going far and wide, it’s come to light that the woman who wrote the post has either previously downplayed what her family was going through or made it seem more serious for the purpose of the post. I’m not entirely comfortable endorsing it as being 100% true- though certainly, I know that I’ve downplayed parts of my own life in this blog. I don’t put my marriage or all of my life with my kids out here for everyone. I share what I think is interesting or helpful. I believe that with the discussions about gun control we really need to admit that as a nation, we fail when it comes to openly dealing with mental health issues. We try to sweep it under the rug, which makes people feel ashamed to talk about what they’re dealing with- and there aren’t many places for people to turn to for help)

Friday Wrap-up: 12/7/12

Usually I write my blog posts a day ahead, but yesterday I didn’t quite feel like putting a post together.

So you get a collection of links, broken up in the categories of this blog! (Pirate, btw, is anything I’m really passionate about. Not necessarily actual pirates)

The Hawkeye Initiative – What happens when you take Marvel’s Hawkeye and redraw comic art with him in part of the ladies? A hilarious good time that points out the effect that male gaze has on the comic industry.
The Star Trek: Into Darkness teasers are out. Make sure you watch the Japanese subtitled one as well as the US one. There’s one important line/moment added in there.

Amanda Palmer posted this blog announcing that she cancelled her tour to be at her friend’s side, and the outpouring of love and support from her fans has been extraordinary. I know that if I had known how ill J was, I would have dropped everything to be there.
Here is an IndieGogo fundraiser for DrinkSavvy, a line of cups & straws that will change color in the presence of date rape drugs.

From Looking for the Sweet Spot, The Bag Lady Gets a Job
Dad vs Spawn has the secret to gingerbread houses. Power tools. (Did that give you good chills, too?)

Thumbs up, thumbs down? I might make this a regular Friday feature.

Scattered bits of brain.

Sorry, this post is not about zombies.

Gearing up for the three day weekend, are we all? I admit, my life mostly exists without days- at least it did. Starting Wednesday, we’ll have weekends here in the house. Since that’s when my oldest starts preschool. We drove down to Orange County yesterday and the traffic wasn’t like it was on Tuesday. Of course, we left an hour later. That tends to make a world of difference.

I had noticed that traffic was horrible on the other side of the 5 Freeway, but it usually is, and we just enjoyed our drive down to the doctor’s office- and rocked out to Queen. We got the paperwork we needed, they verified that my son’s TB test was negative and it was back home.

Foolishly, I hadn’t checked traffic on my phone before we left, and while I took a little bit of a roundabout way to get back to LA, we found ourself back in traffic that was at a dead stop. So I got off the freeway and took streets home. When we made a pitstop to get some lemonade, I checked my phone- discovering that a piece of the freeway (the length of a car, according to Sigalert) had come up and lanes of the freeway were closed. Causing a 10 mile backup. Glad we got out of that one!

Other than boots, my latest obsession is Scott Pilgrim. And of course, I’m not the only one on the internet who is. Jenna Salume (@oxboxer on Twitter and oxboxer on LJ) just did a series she called Scott Pilgrim vs The Gender Bender- where she changed the gender of all the evil exes- and came up with some awesome designs and artwork. She’s a regular participant at Project: Rooftop (which frequently challenges artists to redesign classic superheroes) and always turns out some lovely stuff.

Speaking of Scott Pilgrim, TheBoy’s asked me to do a Scott Pilgrim themed cake for his birthday. Trying to figure that one out… should be fun! TheBoy vs The Birthday. Game On.

It’s Friday, which means on Twitter it’s Follow Friday- I figured I’d share some blogs that I love right here.

Neil Gaiman’s Journal. An obvious choice, but I do read his blog regularly- and honestly, you don’t have to be a fan of his writing to find him interesting. He talks a lot about his bees, his dogs and answers a lot of questions about writing processes and how to be a better writer. And for someone who’s as well known as he is in sci-fi/fantasy circles (and outside them), he’s unbelievably obliging. I should not that he hasn’t blogging as much as he used to- when he’s actively working on projects, he doesn’t blog. He still tweets, though. (Hilariously, he tweeted last night that he’ll be away from the internet for 18 days)

Joy the Baker. A young baker from LA (she’s a year and a half younger than me)- her blog is just fun to read. The pictures are gorgeous and I want to make everything she posts. Only I’m a little lazy, so I don’t. But I plan on buying some tomatoes and making the creamy tomato soup on her site. Definitely buying them tomorrow.

Kermit was wrong, it’s easy being green.

I admit it. I am an Earth nut. Have been since the 90′s when Earth Day made it’s big comeback. Ventura used to hold annual Earth Day fair’s at the beach where you could learn about Ventura County’s new recycling program, water treatment programs and all sorts of neat new techologies. Vendors sold reusable bags, and you could get free reusable water bottles!

You want to know how serious my family was? We went to an Eco Expo in LA and somewhere at home, I have a reusable tote signed by the voice cast of Captain Planet. (Yes, people told me I was lame for it, especially back then- but I knew I was cool)

When my parents bought our house (we’d rented prior to that), a portion of the backyard was set aside for a vegetable garden, complete with a compost pile. And our recycling bin was always larger than our trash bin.

I admit, that from college onward, I fell into a bit of a disposable lifestyle. But, I’m making a change. Most people set their resolutions at New Years, I set environmental resolutions every Earth Day. This year, I plan on starting my own organic container garden here at my in-laws, as well as making a shift away from using disposable containers. Especially when dining out.

Here are some easy ways to make your life a little greener (and no, I’m not sponsored by at all, but they have a lot of eco-friendly products):

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