Internet Shaming/Bullying: Slash Fic and Teen.Com


Update 1: The post on referenced in this has been edited. I’ve written a post to reflect these changes, which includes screencaps of the original post.

Update 2: has taken down the Teen Wolf post entirely

It seems unconscionable that any site geared towards teens and tweens would be so tone deaf they would share a post that's explicitly bullying someone It’s not uncommon for websites to try to drive up clicks, shares and comments by publishing a post being critical over something. Knowing it will enrage a group of people. Whether it’s women, geeks, or particular sports fans.

Today’s post? It’s over at and titled “11 Scott McCall-Stiles Stilinski Fanfics That Prove Teen Wolf Fans Are Nasty AF“. It’s exactly what the title suggests, a judgemental opinion piece that not only quotes fanfics but links to them. Either stories on Archive of Our Own (a website filled with transformative works – art, fiction and podfics) or the writer’s blog posts on their blogs. And all without notifying the authors that they were being quoted, or asking their permission.

So what makes these fans “nasty as fuck”? (more…)

Review: Hen & Chick


Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of Hen & Chick, Episodes 1-5 to review, but all thoughts are my own.

Hen & Chick by Tristan J TarwaterHen & Chick, by Tristan J Tarwater, is a sword & sorcery serial about a daughter and her mother. Azria is 16 and a mage in training who quickly finds herself the mage aboard The Hen & Chick, her mother’s ship. Learning the ropes and finding herself on the beginning of an epic adventure.

Tarwater is great at world building, Hen & Chick is no different. Unlike some fantasy books that spend more time on geneologies and history than moving a story along, the story moves at a pace that allows Azria to take in her surroundings and for us to learn about the world, but isn’t weighed down by the details.

Azria’s a great main character. Certain she can take on the world, but at the same time worried where she fits in it. Playful and curious, she has a quick tongue that seems to have gotten her in trouble in the past.

Bottom line: Hen & Chick is a fun serial for teens on up, definitely worth checking out and sharing with friends.

You can purchase Episodes One – Four on Amazon. (Link goes to Episode One)

You can also subscribe to the series using Gumroad – for $2 a month (or more, if you like) you’ll get all the episodes to date, and with the next month, you’ll get the next installment, as well as an email about the World of Mun (the setting for Hen & Chick and the Valley of the Ten Crescents).

Also: Check out Tristan J Tarwater’s site, which lists her other works and where you can get them. As well as her social media accounts.

What’s your new favorite read? I’d love to hear it.

Happy #BiVisibilityDay


bisexual visibility dayI know, I’ve crossed into hashtagging post titles. I’ve gone to the Dark Side. (Or maybe I’m already there. Huh)

Today is Bi Visibility Day, a day to point out that Bisexual people do exist, and that we’re just normal people.

Because bisexual people tend to be ignored. A lot of people firmly believe you’re either gay or straight. I can’t tell you how many people (gay or straight) who find out I have a husband and when I mention that I’m bi, mention that I decided I was straight since I married a guy.


SIGNAL BOOST: Black Girl Magic Lit Mag seeking submissions


This post popped up on my Tumblr dash, so I wanted to make sure others saw it.

If you know a black woman who writes speculative/experimental fic about black women (or if you are one) – this might be for you! Just read the embedded post and click through for more information!

I am always pleased to see any sort of publication that looks to amplify voices that you don’t normally get to read in mainstream – if you see any other similar notices, let me know so I can share them here.

Blocked someone on Twitter? Maybe Not Completely.


twitter-block-or-notSo I was browsing my Twitter feed when I started to see a friend of mine tweet at someone I’ve blocked. (Yes, you can probably guess who it was that I’ve blocked on Twitter) We have a lot of mutual friends on social media, but I haven’t seen ANYTHING in a year. So I’m assuming this is due to some new change with Twitter.

Fact of the matter is, if you are using Twitter Lists, be aware that you can still see tweets from someone on that list to someone you’ve blocked… if that person was on the list originally. Blocking someone does not remove them from your lists.

Which seems like a completely backwards thing to me. You’d think blocking them would do that, but no.

So what is a person to do if they’ve blocked someone who was not just toxic in their life, but whose very name is a trigger? And then that name starts popping up in Twitter lists?

First, take a look through your Twitter lists. Look for that person (it’ll say blocked next to their name, helpfully). Even if they’re blocked – you can still see tweets from list members to that person. So, unblock them, remove them from the list, and then reblock them.

Ta-da. No more names popping up where they shouldn’t.

So how do you keep RT’s from people on your blocklist showing up in mentions or RTs? I know that on TweetDeck, you can mute a user. It works most of the time, and works separately from your Twitter account.

This seems to be a recent change – in a year I hadn’t seen this person’s name pop up in my Twitter feed. Likely, on the back end, they changed the way that lists work – so that it’s more like Twitter search (which doesn’t hide blocked users).

It’s frustrating. The changes they make to make Twitter faster, only seem to make it harder for people who’ve been harassed and need a block list.

Patriot Day.


9_11_Mixed_FeelingsSitting down on the curb yesterday, Oldest Kidlet (now a fourth grader) looked over at me. “Tomorrow’s Patriot Day, Mom. I need to wear red, white or blue.” He paused. “Because it’s 9/11,” he explained, though he knew I knew.

He wasn’t around when it happened. But he knows. Probably more than most kids his age – his interest in skyscrapers led him down a YouTube wormhole he wasn’t quite ready for. He knows statistics, he knows what was destroyed, but it’s hard to get him to really conceive what the loss was like. Or to get him to understand that half the videos out there are filled with conspiracy theories or propaganda.

And I cringe. I remember that day vividly, and it isn’t that I don’t want to stand with my country – but while I pride the fact that the nation came together, I can’t forget the wave of Islamophobia that swept the country. It still grips our country. People who were hurt or killed simply because they were brown. Not all were Muslim, either. Or from the Middle East.

It’s hard not to feel the loss of life without feeling anger that these people’s lives and our collective loss were used by politicians to further their own agenda. That in doing so we’ve unraveled things in the Middle East for the worse.

Make no mistake- I will never forget the magnitude of the loss. I won’t forget the numbness, how surreal it was to be back at work at Disneyland right after (Disneyland closed on 9/11 – one of the few days in its entire history it was closed). I will remember the lives lost, and feel for those who’ve lost love ones. I will think of the responders and survivors who are ill because they survived that day and were exposed to carcinogens.

I just can’t bring myself to remember the day by wearing a flag shirt. I’d rather take the day for reflection and quiet remembrance, rather than be told how to remember that day.

But I made sure the Kidlets wore flag colors. It might not be important to me, but I’ll let them pick how they want to honor it. After all, I don’t know what it’s like for it to be history instead of a memory.

(I also want to say Happy Birthday to everyone with a Sept 11th birthday. I share a birthday with the Challenger Explosion, and while it pales in comparison, it’s hard to celebrate your birthday when the news is constantly talking about devastation and loss. You are worth celebrating, trust me.)

#KidletBros: First Impressions of Disney Infinity 3.0


kidletbros disney infinity blog thumbnailThis Sunday, BIL and his girlfriend surprised the KidletBros with Disney Infinity 3.0. The Saga Bundle (w/ Boba Fett!) and a bunch of figures to get them started – it’s their birthday and Christmas present from them. (I should point out it was only a surprise to the Kidlets, they’d asked us ahead of time if it was okay)

What they got – the Saga Bundle, which included Boba Fett and the Twilight of the Republic playset (which came with Anakin and Ahsoka) and the Classic Trilogy. Then they bought Sabine, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Olaf and a set of SW power discs.

Little Kidlet (age 7) has been playing 3.0 pretty much nonstop and finished the Twilight of the Republic playset (well, the main story) this afternoon – with a little help from Oldest Kidlet and myself.

So I figured I’d talk about it- so… spoilers for the Twilight of the Republic playset as well as Clone Wars (the animated series) behind the cut.


[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.10 “Status Asthmaticus”


tw 510 blog thumbnailWell, we’ve made it through a whole season – so it’s time for the last Whitney Watches for Teen Wolf’s Season 5A.

What did I think? Did we finally get some answers?

Now, if you saw that and went… huh. I’m doing a season wrap up video this weekend. To talk about everything, especially what I would have done differently. And I might have a special guest – so make sure you check back for that!

[VIDEO] Teen Wolf 5.08 “Oroboros”


Geek.Pirate.Mom.  Teen Wolf 5.08 OroborosIt’s that time already, time for another edition of Whitney Watches.

For those new to my blog, for this series of video I pick a show and take a critical look at each episode and the series overall. I talk about the events of the episode, things from the past that have paid off, and where I think things will go in the future. Because of it’s a lot to cover, I assume you’ve seen the episode. If you haven’t watched “Oroboros” yet, go watch it! And then come back here.

For my outfit, I’m wearing a lookalike for Kira’s outfit from a couple episodes back. The t-shirt is from Forever 21, and the hooded vest was from a small label I didn’t recognize. But you can find it by searching for denim hooded vest.

Are you as heartbroken by Kira as I am? Do you want to shake some sense into Scott? I want to know your thoughts.

(BTW, any critical statements I make about Scott McCall are about the actions of the character- which some I find OOC, but mostly I find reasonable for a teenager with that much pressure on him. It’s easy to forget they’re still kids, and this season is determined to remind us of that at every turn)

(And yes, if you saw my Twitter convo about the show today, I am going to do a video after the first half of this season airs about the problems I see with it. It just seemed to detract from talking about the story if I picked it all apart)

That isn’t a compliment. Really.


not a compliment blog thumbnailSo I shared a vlog two days ago, and was excited… because I had a killer thumbnail in which the lighting was great, my makeup was great, and so was my hair. I think I might have told just about everyone who lives in this house that my makeup game was on point.

tw 507 thumbnail 2

See? Nailed it.

Creeps everywhere must have agreed, because I proceeded to get comments on Tumblr and on a couple different social networks (privately, mind you) about how these guys just had to tell me how pretty I am.

Nothing about the video. Just how pretty I am. Guys went out of their way to “pay me a compliment.” So I should be grateful right?


Because these aren’t actually compliments. When my friends (and core readers) watched the same video, they told me they liked how I looked. But they also made comments about the lighting of the video, my outfit, and shockingly- the points I made. Those? Those were compliments. Because it tells me they valued my creation. Even when my friends compliment my selfies, it means something because I know they like me for more than my appearance.