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The ugly (but yummy) cake

Baking is sort of my thing. It has been since I was in middle school. Icing, however, is something I’m still learning about. This weekend, I was making a birthday cake for The Boy’s grandfather, and was running out of time. So when the layers were almost cool, I began icing. More on that. Since

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Kismet: Cranberry Almond Cookies

I’m not sure how I wound up at this recipe. It might have been a link in a blog, or I might have googled ‘cranberry almond’ out of desperation, looking for something to bake. Regardless, I wound up at The Wednesday Chef and her post for Regina Schrambling’s Almond-Cranberry Cookies. And I realized, that I

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Recipe: Lucy's Lemon Squares

Source: Peanuts Cookbook I looked forward to summer for these. I never quite believed my mom that these were easy to make- simply because they tasted so darn good! My family has always loved lemon (my Grandmother has a “famous” lemon meringue recipe that we’ve all tried, and failed, to duplicate).  So it was extremely

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