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The Doctor: Eleven, Twelve.

Over the weekend it was announced that Matt Smith would be leaving Doctor Who, and while I can’t say that I’m surprised (he has had a long run), I am both happy and sad.

Happy that Matt Smith’s career has taken off (because Doctor Who has proved how immensely talented he is), and sad because he was my first Doctor.

That isn’t quite true. I’d caught an episode or two of Nine and Ten, but hadn’t really started watching the show. I started with him and was immediately taken in by the ancient man who sometimes acted like an 5 year-old.

Doctor Who was something I shared with my best friend Jerad, and he died before the first Smith Christmas Special aired (which I still can’t see without being reminded that it was something we’d both been looking forward to, and was the first thing I had to experience without him). And the more I watched the Eleventh Doctor, the more I realized that he wasn’t just dear to me because he was my first Doctor. It was because… he was like Jerad. Jerad was clever and kind, but incredibly hard on himself. He used humor to mask the pain he felt inside, and…

I’m getting sidetracked. Even with all my attachments to Eleven- and I suspect that I will be a sobbing mess because it will be like losing Jerad all over again, I’m still looking forward to the future. Because it’s the nature of the show. We know that each end is a new beginning. That companions come and go, and that the same is true of the Doctor.

I hope that Doctor Who is ready to take the next step. In the grand scheme of the series, we’ve only had a couple of non-white companions, and there absolutely zero regenerations have been a POC or woman. Considering the show has explained that other Time Lords have regenerated as a different gender, and certainly, Melody Pond regenerated as a black girl to become Mels- there’s no canon saying it couldn’t happen.

It would be fantastic, too. The Doctor would be treated differently as a woman or a person of color, and that would be amazing story-wise, seeing a character we’re so familiar with actually have to grapple with how the Universe treats someone else. And it isn’t as though the show would actually change its focus. S/He would still be running around saving people hunting things. Just seeing it all from a slightly different place.

What are your thoughts on Matt Smith leaving? Or are you waiting until the Anniversary special to even start processing it?

Sunday Special Wrap-up: 12/16/12

The Doubleclicks (along with Kirby Krackle) found a way to fix Baby it’s Cold Outside. All they had to do was move it to a galaxy far, far, away.
Phil Noto posted this amazing poster-style art for Star Trek Into Darkness on his Tumblr.
12/12/12 happened, and it took down Tumblr. Somehow I survived without my friends silly Doctor Who things.
Which reminds me, The Doctor Who Tumblr had a ‘Doctor Who’ & A session with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, and the full transcript, GIFs included, is up on BBC America.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the webseries modern day adaption of Pride & Prejudice continues to delight me. If you’re an Austen fan and haven’t caught it yet, you can start here. Otherwise, the latest episode is here!
And something actually Pirate related, sort of. A writer schools a reader who suggests their work was a politally correct cliche. (Also, the guy didn’t actually have a historical leg to stand on, either. There were a lot more women at sea than most people believe)

Make It and Love It shares a great (and simple) Little Pieces Toy Sack, for storing toys that come with a million accessories. There’s also a link to her previous tutorial for Clear Plastic Toy Bags, which are also awesome.

This doesn’t quite fall under any of the one categories, but I do think it’s an important read. “I am Adam Lanza’s mother” – a mother’s essay about her struggle with a child suffering from mental illness. Don’t be put off by the title, it really is a good read. And frankly, mental health is an issue that needs to be discussed. We try to sweep it under the rug, and it’s something that should be discussed so that nobody feels as though they’re dealing with this alone.

(Update: While this link is going far and wide, it’s come to light that the woman who wrote the post has either previously downplayed what her family was going through or made it seem more serious for the purpose of the post. I’m not entirely comfortable endorsing it as being 100% true- though certainly, I know that I’ve downplayed parts of my own life in this blog. I don’t put my marriage or all of my life with my kids out here for everyone. I share what I think is interesting or helpful. I believe that with the discussions about gun control we really need to admit that as a nation, we fail when it comes to openly dealing with mental health issues. We try to sweep it under the rug, which makes people feel ashamed to talk about what they’re dealing with- and there aren’t many places for people to turn to for help)

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat & Female Characters

Recently I mentioned that some people were upset with how the women of Doctor Who were being written, and placing the blame on Steven Moffat. Some went so far as to compare them against Sherlock’s Irene Adler.

I don’t agree with them, and for very specific reasons. I apologize for anyone who isn’t up to date on either Sherlock or Doctor Who- but in order to make my point, I’m going to reference it all.

Read More…


There are plenty of times I like to hear that term of endearment. Like on Doctor Who. Because it means that River Song is lurking about, and I do love River.

I'm River Song. Check your records again.

Or when my mom’s reassuring me. That’s a sweetie that I love.

I don’t love it when men use it to patronize me.

Today I stopped in at Home Depot, fulfilling an agreement I’d made with TheBoy yesterday. I got to take a nap yesterday afternoon, so I tackled the errand he’d planned on running during that time- buying what we needed to rig up the pinata.

I admit, I’m dressed a little young today. I grabbed some black & white striped tights, a miniskirt and a black top, and called it a day. And I look a little young every day as it is. I don’t know my way around our local Home Depot, but I’ve spent enough time in home improvement stores over the years that I knew what aisles to look for. So I wasn’t going to ask for help, since I wanted to get a feel for the store, too.

And I rocked it. In fifteen minutes, I walked in the door, found what I needed, paid for it and walked back to my car. I was also asked by three separate employees if I needed help. Each of these men called me sweetie.

I wasn’t hearing things. These men weren’t being polite. They looked at little ol’ me and assumed that because I’m petite and wearing a mini-skirt, I had no idea what I was doing, even though I assured them I didn’t need help. And felt like calling me sweetie would somehow make the situation better.

By the time the last man asked me if I needed help choosing rope (when they have helpful little cards to explain the weight each type can carry), I lost it. I should have asked to talk to a manager, but I felt like just getting out of there.

So I told him this: “Excuse me? I’ve been going to home improvement stores since I was 7. My dad taught me how to use power tools when I was 10. I crewed about a dozen shows, working on set construction. I think I can pick out the rope and pully I need without help. Thanks.” And I grabbed my rope and pully and headed out towards the self-checkout.

I might be 5’2″ and a 95 lb weakling- but I know what I’m doing. Don’t assume that someone does or doesn’t need help. I don’t mind being asked- I do mind being asked after I’ve said no, because you think that I couldn’t possibly have a grasp on something like home improvement. Ugh.

At least they didn’t try it on River Song. I’d imagine they’d have been vaporized for being so ridiculous.

Day 5 of NaBloPoMo

Well, Twitter, that just happened.

The following contains MASSIVE spoilers for “A Good Man Goes To War”, the mid-season finale for Doctor Who.

Here is your River Song warning, sweeties. Spoilers! Read More…

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