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Hello, ER.

Yesterday the Little Kidlet and I spent some quality time at the emergency room. The day started normally. In the morning, Little Kidlet and I were lounging on the couch when I noticed he had a bruise on his shoulder. Poked it, and TheBoy looked over and asked if Little Kidlet had a black eye.

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Two years and a month ago…

Two years and a month ago, I was nearing the end of doing NaBloPoMo- which was doing a blog post a month, like Nanowrimo. That year I’d been getting cramps, spiking fevers, and occasionally vomiting. But towards the end of November, it was so bad I went to the hospital. And after a lot of

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Rainy day…

It’s raining! There’s something about rain that brings out the little kid in me. TheBoy was kind enough to stay up long enough for me to drop the Oldest Kidlet at school in the pouring rain, while he watched the Little Kidlet at home. There was just something about dealing with the rain, the cast

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