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This week is a blur.

I know- I said I’d blog about the party… but that was part of the problem.

This weekend was a sprint to get ready for the party, and then afterwards, the Little Kidlet got sick. A common cold for my uncommon child.

So my week’s been spent running around, taking care of a sick kid…

And I’ve also been saying goodbye to Imagination Situation, the web series that I am still honored to be a part of. Creator Roby Brown is moving on to other projects, and wrote this post to explain it all.

Hopefully I can take a breath tomorrow and write something a bit more coherent.

Boosting the Signal

There is another guy in my life, and he’s a dad- though definitely not a father figure for me. It’s Roby, the man behind Imagination Situation- a webseries for the whole family. We worked together back in our Disney days, and I’m thrilled to work with him again. I even blog over at Imagination Situation from time to time.

Over the weekend he posted an update about the series and fundraising efforts- we ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund a full “season” of episodes, which fell short of our goal. So he’s been taking direct donations and getting closer to what is needed to produce two episodes. If you could, check it out and take a look at the webseries. Even if you don’t have kids, maybe forward it to the parents in your life.


Like Sand through the Hourglass

No, I’m not talking about Days of Our Lives. But I am talking about time.

First, this week flew by. I’ve had a lot of my to-do list, and unfortunately blogging fell to the wayside a bit. I’m not complaining about it being the weekend already, but it feels as though we skipped a day.

But the hourglass thing. You know how in movies or TV shows, villains would pull out the giant sandglass to tell the captive hero/heroine how much longer they had to live? Or in Jafar’s case, he’d put the heroine inside the hourglass.

I’m not going to lie. I was looking for a picture of Jasmine in the hourglass, but this one made me laugh enough that I couldn’t resist using it.

Right. I was going on a tangent, wasn’t I? This week has felt a bit like those moments in movies. I’ve been watching the sand run through the glass, knowing that when it ran out- things weren’t going to be the same. I’m referring to the Kickstarter for Imagination Situation, which unfortunately didn’t succeed. While watching it tick down felt horrible- we were already working on our plan B. I won’t lie, it was a tough reality check.

However, I know that we’re going to come through this. Roby (the creator/writer/director) and I believe too much in the show to let it die.

I want to thank everyone for their patience while I plugged away at the IS. Now that this is over, I’m going to work even harder to make sure that I have a regular blogging schedule both here and over at Imagination Situation. One of the other things I’ve realized is that as much as I need to schedule time for my novels, I need to schedule time for this. It’s all a big part of who I am.

It also showed me that I can tackle something big, new and scary. I might fail, but I’m still there. Still hungry, still wanting to learn and grow. That was huge for me.

Turning this around a bit- have you had any hourglass moments? Or a Phoenix from the ashes type moment? Or a Sith Lord coming back from craziness to get some robot legs moment? Sorry about the last one. I was rewatching Darth Maul’s return on The Clone Wars.

Anyways. Tell me about you.

The Day of Um

Today, the first episode of Imagination Situation went live! You should go check it out. Right now. I’ll wait.

If you don’t have kids yourself, please send the video to your friends and family that do- Imagination Situation is a family webseries for parents and kids, using imagination to solve some life’s sticky situations. I’ve been so excited to share this with you- from the first time that Roby asked me what I thought of the concept, to the behind the scenes footage that was shot, and the first time I saw this episode with green screen. I honestly have been wishing that all of you could have been watching it with me.

Being so excited about this, my brain has been all over the place. So much so that when I was talking to my mom, I kept saying um. To the point where she said, “If you were a drinking game, I’d be plastered.” I’ve caught myself umming everyone, too. I’m usually not this bad.

I blame the giddiness. But I’ll gladly overuse um. I think this show’s worth it.

Everyone Else is a Better Parent

If you’ve been lurking around the internet this week, odds are you’ve seen the article “French Parents are Superior” in which Pamela Druckerman claims to have found the secret to raising obedient children.

It’s the latest in a long line of books and posts that try to say you’re doing it wrong. They don’t necessarily give you any useful tips. Mostly it’s just anecdote after anecdote of children who behave wonderfully as some sort of proof that those parents magically have all the answers.

Josette from Halushki made an impressive list of other groups of parents who are better than you, too. (#99 is the group that frustrates me the most, I admit)

I admit, while the French ideal shown in the article sounds attractive- it also sounds a little lonely. I adore adult time, but nothing quite compares with playtime with my kids. Most of the time, I’d rather be out on the playground with them than chatting with the parents who sit on the sidelines watching their children hog the slide and steal toys from other kids. I admit that my parenting technique isn’t perfect, but nobody’s is- even those seemingly “perfect parents.”

That is why I’m involved with Imagination Situation- aiming to add imagination to your arsenal of parenting tools. One more thing to help you weather all sorts of situations. (I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but this is one of the big things I’m working on this year) My childhood was filled with hours of playtime. Adventures in the backyard either hunting for fairies or pretending I was a naturalist cataloging an undiscovered land. I’d pretend my bicycle was my trusty palomino and we were out riding through the desert. Yes, my sister and I even used to pretend that our room came to life when we were cleaning, just like in Mary Poppins. Yet somehow I forgot about all of that imagination as soon as I became a parent. Seems pretty silly, doesn’t it?

Nobody’s a perfect parent. We all have our faults. So why not accept that we’re not perfect, and try to make life a bit more fun?

Have something to add? Please comment on this post, and join in on the Imagination Situation fun on Twitter and Facebook, and of course the website. (I really believe in this project, can you tell?)

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