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App Review: EyeEm

If you’ve read my post about Instagram and their new Terms of Service, I updated it. Just so you don’t have to click to another page, this is the latest: Instagram blogged about the backlash, admitting they weren’t very clear in the way they wrote it (actually, they said that we just misinterpreted it because

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Instagram: What you need to know.

Since was originally posted, there have been developments from the story. I’ve marked the updates down at the bottom. Not that long ago, Facebook acquired Instagram. They integrated it into Facebook, and the internet rejoiced. Well, today Instagram began informing users about their updated Terms of Service– mostly to bring them more into line with

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Wardrobe Malfunctions. (No, not that kind)

In looking over my new Instagram profile, I wouldn’t blame the internet for coming to two conclusions: 1. I only have one cardigan, and I wear it every day. 2. I only own three tshirts, but I wear the Star Wars shirt all the time. I have two cardigans, but I misplaced my black one

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