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February 12, 2014

Insurance. Glad I have you, but you are a pain.

I am lucky. A lucky, lucky girl. We have insurance through TheBoy’s work, and it’s a pretty good insurance. That said, health insurance still manages to make my life difficult. TheBoy started a new job little over a year ago, and I wouldn’t say that I had any particular health issues around the time of the transition from one insurance to the other. Just the usual doctor’s visits. But I did have to notify my doctors of my new insurance, and there were a couple things that were misbilled. But I spoke with people at my old insurance and my…

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June 11, 2013

Playing telephone.

Remember Telephone? That ridiculous game where one end of a line would say something like ‘pretty nice day’, and by the time it would get to the other end it would turn into ‘purple monkey dishwasher.’ For the last month of so, I’ve been playing this game with our insurance company. It started when I was getting bills from the company that handled my blood tests, sending statements that said that they were waiting to hear back from my insurance company. So I called. Read in my identification number, said my birthdate (only for it to ask if I was…